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Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

At Suburban Plumbing, we handle everything for the commercial plumbing needs of a restaurant or any facility with a pump station or lift station…

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Sewage Lift Stations:

We service commercial lift station pumps and control panels, cleaning the wet well with our specialized vac-truck and Osha-required confined space entry equipment to keep it up and running.

Sewer Jetting:

We use a high flow/pressure jetter to unclog the even the most difficult obstructions. Our experienced plumber techs will clean the sewers inside diameter a full 360 degrees. Suburban Plumbing is available to come on an as-needed basis, or you can schedule regular cleanings and inspections with our maintenance plan to keep your costs down.

Video inspection:

We use the newest color monitor with USB and Bluetooth technology to inspect the integrity of your sewer and locate any defects, then we will use an electronic locator to mark it.

Waste Vegetable Oil Collection:

We will provide your business with an appropriate sized oil container to collect your vegetable oil and set up frequent pick-ups to keep your area clean and in compliance.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Scheduled Maintenance:

Grease traps are typically installed in restaurants, commercial or industrial cooking facilities, and institutional kitchens such as hospitals and schools. They are the first line of defense that prevents fats, oils, and grease, or FOG for short from entering into the drainpipes and eventually the sewer system.

Although most substances that go into the drains can be easily broken down, large amounts of FOG tend to create harmful clogs that can cause raw sewage and wastewater to back up into the system. Since exposure poses an extreme health hazard these problems can close down your business or facility until the issue is resolved. That’s where we come in!